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QU4RTET 2.0 is here with full VRS support! We are looking for great developers and exceptional organizations to get involved.

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Just need a serialization solution? You're in the right place. Learn more about QU4RTET or check out the many other open source initiatives we're working on below.

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SerialLab has a number of open source components and solutions.

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No seriously, check it out. Clone or fork one of our many git projects at our GitLab page and take a look around at the documentation, code, unit-tests and coverage reports.


Our mission is to build easy to use and practical serialization solutions for the pharmacutical industry.


Delivering members of the pharmaceutical industry high-quality open-source tools for governmental (US, EU, etc.) compliance is our first goal.


Serialization platforms should be flexible in that they can be deployed freely and openly in as many different types of locations and configurations as possible.


We believe the best software is derived from the open exchange of ideas. All of our components and platforms are open-source and we are dedicated to keeping it that way.


Utilizing OpenAPI/Swagger for all of our APIs and offering docker-compose builds to allow developers and implementers to quickly deploy our systems allows for more modern and rapid deployments.

Road Map

SerialLab has BIG PLANS…we’ve launched the full-fledged QU4RTET open-source Level-4/EPCIS 1.2-ready system and it is available now…but that’s just the beginning.


January 2020

QU4RTET 3.0 will be optimized to run in serverless environments and will feature Kubernetes.

QU4RTET IoT-Beta Module

Q2 2020

SerialLab is working with major commercial providers of IoT hardware to include native support for various types of IoT sensors and devices.

W4R3W0LF Warehouse Module

Q1 2020

We are currently planning on building out I/O plug-ins and parsers for a number of systems as well as building our own warehouse module.


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